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About us

Saga Poland Sp. z o.o. is a part of the Luma Automotive group, which consists of automotive industry companies and ensures financial stability and technological development of the group’s entities.

Saga Poland is a manufacturer of components used mainly in the automotive industry. The company offers complementary services within the production process: castings of details of aluminium and zinc alloys, surface treatment, cataphoretic and spray coating, palletising and advice on glass – metal bonding products based on SBT (Structural Bonding Tape). Saga Poland Sp. z o.o. has been a reliable and trusted partner of the largest automotive companies all over the world for many years.

Precise Foundry

A modern foundry is the most important site in Saga Poland.

Saga Poland has been involved in pressure casting of aluminium and zinc for over 25 years. The company has pressure casting machinery of a mould closing force of 60 to 580 tonnes and it makes casts weighing from 0.014 kg to 3 kg.

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100 details in 250 options


We equip 50% of cars worldwide


We export to 30 countries


25 years of experience

We are a world-class production plant providing our clients with
the highest class products, services, and solutions.


is one of the most effective ways of corrosion-preventive coating of metal parts

Spray painting

We provide coatings using chemically bonded paints.


Complete orders are packed and shipped to the customers.


Please contact our sales department, who will answer all your questions and provide details of the offer.


+48 46 861 49 57



Cieszyńska 23 G

43-170 Łaziska Górne, Poland

Production plant
(correspondence address):

Guzowska 4
96-515 Teresin, Poland

The Automotive market:

Agnieszka Kafarska

Cataphoretic coating and non-automotive market:

Jędrzej Kafarski